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Quality Personalized Services At An Affordable Price


  • Typically done in early spring

  • Removes non-decomposed plant material

  • Allows water and nutrients to reach roots easily

  • Power rake, hand rake, and haul away debris

Lawn Mowing

  • One time or seasonal plan​

  • Flexible payment options

  • Bagged 

  • Other services offered when signing up for seasonal plan(listed below)

    • Spring/Fall Clean-up, Pet Clean-up​

Concrete Edging

  • Clean up edge where lawn and concrete meet

  • Sidewalks, driveways, patios, walkways

  • Simple and inexpensive way to improve the look of your property


  • New install or current renewal

  • Topsoil, stone, and mulch installation

  • Plant bed, retaining wall and patio renewal and installation

Hedge/Shrub Trimming

  • Shrub trimming​​

  • Hedge Trimming

Core Aeration

  • Best results when done in fall

    • Can be done in spring, but weed seeds can land in holes made by machine​

  • Heavy thatch build up(1"or more) or overly compacted soils

  • Walk behind machine removes cores

  • Allows water and nutrients to reach roots easily

  • Watering lawn day before service softens soil to improve effectiveness of machine

  • Watering after service helps break down cores deposited on lawn 

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